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Planet Rise


Jupiter & Saturn rise with the Core over Llanddywn Island

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Planet Rise’
The galactic core of our Milky Way galaxy with the planets Jupiter & Saturn above Llanddwyn Island.
In this photo you can see the core of our Milky Way galaxy. This is a view into the very heart of our galaxy where 26,000 light years away lies a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A*. Also you can see Jupiter and Saturn close to each other and rising over the Menai Straights and the Llyn Peninsula. I love this place and go often. This shot was taken during a Milky Way workshop there just after the first lockdown
Down the centre of the Milky Way you can clearly see the Great Rift. This is the dark portion of the massive dust & gas clouds which are dark clouds of dust of almost unimaginable scale that are obscuring our view from Earth of more of the core. I often wonder what sights are hidden behind and whether someone or something is looking back towards our part of space wondering these same questions. If you could zoom in you’d also be able to see Nebulae everywhere including the Eagle Nebula where the famous Hubble Space telescope pointed its lenses towards to capture the beautiful ‘The Pillar’s of Creation’ photograph

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