I’m Ben Bush, and I’m a professional landscape and astronomy photographer born & bred in the Northern Fells of  Cumbria, proudly calling the Lake District my home. My work is all about capturing the essence of this beautiful region and the celestial wonders of the dark skies above.

The Lake District is my creative playground, tucked away in the UK. Its mountains, lakes, forests, and valleys are an endless source of inspiration for me. I’m absolutely obsessed with the way light dances across this landscape, from the tranquil lakes to the rugged fells. Exploring this terrain while also exploring photography and trying to be creative is what I live for.

But my camera doesn’t rest during the day. I’m a bit of a night owl, you see. The Lake District boasts some of the darkest skies in the UK, which is perfect for my passion – astronomy photography. I spend countless nights under the stars, capturing the cosmos in all its glory. From the Milky Way stretching across the night sky to the mesmerizing Northern Lights, I’m on a mission to freeze these moments in time and share them with those who might not get a chance to see these celestial wonders in person. With my astrophotography, I hope to connect our little planet to the vast universe.

One moment in my life was truly life-changing. In 2019, I had the incredible honor of winning the People & Space category of Astronomy Photographer of the Year. This prestigious award not only allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time photographer but also marked a significant milestone in my artistic career. It opened up opportunities for me to travel, explore photography, and make my new life as a professional photographer.

What makes my work truly special is that I’m never alone on my photography adventures; I always have my trusty companions, Floyd and my son Red, by my side. These two furry friends add an extra layer of charm and warmth to my photos. Together, we create stunning images that blend the wonders of the universe with the genuine companionship of a man and his dogs. My passion for astronomy and landscape photography, coupled with my love for Floyd and Red, adds a heartwarming touch to my art, reminding us all of the beautiful connection between humans, animals, and the cosmos. In fact, my award-winning photograph is a self-portrait of me and my dog Floyd.

While I focus on photography, my wife runs the Bridge Gallery in Cockermouth. It’s more than just a place to display my work; it’s a creative hub where art and community come together. Here, my photos, along with the work of other talented local artists, are displayed in all their glory. The Bridge Gallery is not just a space for art; it’s a space for conversation, collaboration, and connection, thanks to the dedicated efforts of my wife in managing and curating the gallery.

I take great pride in supporting local artisans. All of my work, from photography to framing, is done locally using other small businesses. This commitment ensures the highest quality and contributes to the thriving creative community of Cumbria.

If you’re in Keswick, you can also find my work at ‘The Real North’ shop. This store not only features my photos but also offers locally made hoodies and t-shirts crafted by other small businesses, all featuring my photography. It’s a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the essence of the Lake District and the mysteries of the cosmos through my lens, all while supporting Cumbria’s artistic and creative community and other local small businesses.