EDZ Merino Clothing Review

I was approached by EDZ to try out their gear and to take it to Iceland and give it a proper try out as a photographer.  I spend many hours outside at night trying to capture new photographs and I love to travel doing this.  Because space is always a premium, but functionality and warmth is extremely important, I don’t mess around when it comes to kit.  I want the best kit, at a decent price (I don’t mind paying for quality gear) and kit that works time after time.  I lead an active life and like to be outside as much as possible.  I’ve had thermals before, but never Merino……………….

Firstly, a little about EDZ Merino.  Based in Maryport, Cumbria, EDZ Merino has been creating performance clothing in our beautiful county since 1995.   Their mission is to produce good quality, functional products.  They mainly specialize in Merino wool clothing, underwear & accessories which are used for a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, running, cycling, climbing, skiing, riding, motorcycling and sailing as well as for everyday wear.

Being supported by them on this trip (& hopefully beyond!) has ticked a few boxes for me.  Firstly, they are a local business, based in Maryport, just a few miles from our gallery in Cockermouth (The Bridge Gallery), secondly their kit looks & feels amazing and lastly, I used to play with the children of the owner James and have known him and his family my whole life.  This is important to me and it’s great to be able to work with other local small Cumbrian businesses such as our own or EDZ.  Don’t get me wrong Nikon, if you want to send me a Z9 I’d love to work with you too!

I was sent these clothes for free to use while in Iceland on a photographer’s road trip but couldn’t resist using the Merino Hoodie before I went as I had a few cold days outside!  Well, what a revelation, this hoodie may have changed my life!  Absolutely amazing.  I was out in the driving wind and rain and was snug as and did not even notice the cold!

Here is a list of the kit I received and my thoughts on each, plus links to each product on their website.

Merino Wool Touchscreen Gloves with grips
As a photographer who specialises in being out at night in the cold taking photos I was really interested to see how these gloves performed.  I’ve tried so many pairs of gloves that say they are touchscreen but generally they don’t work that well from me.  Well to say I was surprised at the performance of these gloves is an understatement.  From the minute I started to use them they performed flawlessly.  To be able to feel the buttons of my camera through the gloves is essential but the things that really stood out if firstly the control they gave me of both camera and my mobile phone.  They flawlessly allowed me to use both touchscreens and they were so warm, but not overly so, allowing me to use them day and night in every situation.  Even after getting damp, they allowed me to use camera and phone and kept my hands warm even in the extremes of Iceland.


These are by far the best touchscreen gloves I have ever used and warmer too.  They take up no space in a pocket and dry super quickly.  Basically, if you’ve been after the perfect photographer’s glove, then I’d say that EDZ have got it spot on.






These are the gloves that will always be in my camera bag.  From the cool nights of a Tenerife spring to walking the hills and lakes in The Lake District, to the snow, ice & wind of Iceland, these are the perfect gloves.  I give them a 10/10





EDZ Merino Wool Plaid Flannel Shirt
I love a good shirt so was very happy to have receive a lovely checked red version of this shirt.  The quality is amazing and even though it feels just like a normal shirt, I found it extremely warm and comfortable to wear.  One of the best things was how warm it kept me while out in the cold but how I never seemed to be hot or overheat in it while driving or sweating under a jacket.  The build quality is second to none and its instantly a firm favourite of mine.  Casual enough to wear day to day its smart enough to head out for dinner or to the pub in too.

I’ve now washed it a few times and the colours have remained the same and there has been no shrinkage or bobbling whatsoever, something I’ve experienced on other merino clothing I’ve had previously to this EDZ gear.  I’m already looking forward to ordering a couple more of these shirts as I think once you try one, there will be no other shirt for you.  Another item I highly recommend.


Merino Hoodie – Navy Blue
This merino hoodie was a revelation.  It’s quite possibly the best item of clothing for being out at night taking astrophotography.   Used with the thermal leggings and the multi tube and under my normal hoodie I like to wear, it proved to be absolutely fantastic and the fact I could put its hood up and zip the neck meant even in the snows and sub-zero temperatures of Iceland in winter, I felt warm and comfortable.

Zero itching and even though I was standing, trying to capture long exposure pictures of the aurora, a normally cold experience, the merino hoodie performed amazingly.  I wore this almost every day, all week and found it light and not too warm during the day but completely cozy and fantastic at night.  Definitely something I will be using in the future and something I highly recommend to those out in the cold both day & night.


Men’s Merino Base-Layer Thermal Leggings 260g Navy
I’ve tried many pairs of thermal leggings over the years but I have to say I was very impressed with these from EDZ.  The fit is great and used in conjunction with the merino hoodie I was completely warm all night.  Normally its my legs that get a chill when I’m out taking astrophotography in winter but testing these out in Iceland showed me that with the EDZ leggings, it doesn’t have to be the case.


I found them extremely warm and also, I was able to go to the toilet easily even with all my kit on.  Always an important factor when layering up and spending many hours outside.  After washing they did not shrink or bobble up and even after many nights and a few washes, they look brand new.



EDZ 200gsm Merino Multi Tube
I ended up wearing this neck tube all week, both day and night.  Such a simple way to keep warm and works well with any other item of clothing really.  Super lightweight and takes up almost no space in my camera bag or pocket, ready to wear and it really helped me stay warm while out photographing the aurora or while out in the wind, snow & rain in the day.



Another item I will always have with me as the benefits it gives while taking up almost zero space mean it’s a no brainer to always have with you.




EDZ Merino Wool Boot Socks
My all-time favourite boot sock!  By far!  I was impressed about the quality of these socks.  Thick, warm and super comfortable for my feet while walking through the snow or standing out for hours at night capturing my astrophotography.  I was even more impressed when due to the fact I forgot my gaiters, the snow started getting into my boots and melting.  This seemed to no difference to the performance of the boot socks.  I wore them night and day while road tripping round Iceland and they were amazing.  Merino seems to have the ability to keep you cool and not get too hot while indoors or in a car driving but then when out in the wilds for hours on end, they kept my feet totally warm and toasty.




I highly recommend these boot socks and they will be the socks I choose to take while out in the cold shooting my photography.  Dried super quick and zero shrinkage or bobbling even after several washes.




EDZ Boiled Wool Gloves
I found these gloves very warm and comfortable and I used them a lot when I wasn’t needing to take photos or use my phone as they aren’t touchscreen but amazingly comfortable and warm.   Handled the weather great and stayed dry and ward, even after some serious Icelandic weather.


No bobbling or shrinkage (something I’ve had with merino gloves before) and super warm in all conditions.  Not a light glove (my choice would be the touchscreen gloves for that), but a nice thick warm glove.  Very impressed.




EDZ Merino Wool Pom Pom Hat
Last is the EDZ Merino Pom Pom hat.  I found myself wearing this hat more and more.  Super warm, not itchy in the slightest and handled the extremes of Iceland really well.  I found this a great everyday hat and it performed amazingly well.



It handled getting wet, being dried, being thrown in a pocket or a camera bag wonderfully well.  I can see myself using this all throughout the winter.  Another great EDZ product I highly recommend



In conclusion I really rate EDZ and their products.  The owners & staff are lovely, they are local and the quality is second to none.  Being supported by them on this trip meant that I was able to reduce the amount of clothes in my suitcase (more space for camera kit!) as by using the EDZ merino gear I could layer properly and found myslef completely warm and happy.  I spent many a night (& day) out in sub zero temeratures and found myself warm each time.  All of it dried quickly either on a vent in the car or at night in our accomodation and it handled everyhting thrown at it.

From now on I’ll definately have all my EDZ merino gear ready for my late night astro sessions at home & abroad as being warm and comfortable means I can stay out longer and keep caturing my photography rain or shine.  I have no problem recommending them and their kit to anyone.  If you are after some amazing base layers, you can’t go wrong with EDZ Merino.