Buttermere Stars


Beautiful Buttermere late  one star filled night.  Moon-shadow from a setting full moon casting this amazing moon-shadow over the pines

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Its never a bad plan to go spend some time at this beautiful lake.  Its such a tranquil and peaceful place to spend some time and one I return to time and time again.  This is one of my first ever night-time shots and one that cemented my love for both Buttermere and being out alone late at night with my camera.  Here you can see the amazing moon-shadow of a full moon, setting behind High Stile and throwing this amazing shadow down over the Sentinels, also known as the Buttermere Pines.  The lights from Gatesgarth Farm helped to back-light these beautiful trees and the moon lit up the mountain around.  Fleetwith Pike, Honister Valley and Haystacks in the background of this shot.  Another lovely night out in the Lake District


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