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A Billion Stars over the Gap


Our sister Galaxy Andromeda, Cassiopeia and the Winter Milky Way over the iconic Sycamore Gap

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A Billion Stars over the Gap
A Billion Stars over the Gap

This is probably one of the most famous and well photographed trees in the UK.  It lies close to the town of Haltwhistle and grows from the base of Hadrian’s Wall.  The wall snakes its way from West to East and was built by the Romans.   Here you can see our sister Galaxy Andromeda in the sky to the left of the tree.  Andromeda lies 2.537 million light years away and is our closest galactic neighbour.  In 3.4 billion years our two galaxies will merge to form yet another type of galaxy.  Andromeda contains around a trillion stars where our own Milky Way contains around 250 billion.


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