The Cygnus Loop


The Cygnus Loop – A massive Supernova Remnant 2400 light years away

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The Cygnus Loop

Around 2400 light years from us on Earth lies the remnant of a massive Supernova explosion, we call it ‘The Cygnus Loop’ or the ‘Veil Nebula’.

It consist of three main parts.  The Western Veil Nebula also known as the Witches Broom Nebula , Pickering’s Triangle and the Eastern Veil Nebula also known at the Bat Nebula.  What you can see here is a massive cloud of ionized gas and dust left over from a star 20 times more massive than our Sun that went Supernova between 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.  Pretty mind blowing stuff if you ask me!

I took this using an 80mm refractor telescope and a standard DSLR with no modification.  Its the data from around 1.5 hours exposure time from my garden in the Lake District and some from the dark skies of Glencoe

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