Flares over Elgol


The Cuillins of Sgurr nan Eag,Sgurr Alasdair & Sgurr na Stn with our sister galaxy Andromeda and the Northern Lights glowing to the North.

A sky full of satellite flares and shooting stars

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One of my favourite views.  Elgol at night looking north.  Here you can see Venus about to set behind Sgurr nan Eag & Sgurr Alasdair.  Perseus rises and above Sgurr na Stn you can see our sister galaxy Andromeda and the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).  Andromeda lies 2.537 million light years away and is our closest galactic neighbour, containing a Trillion stars.

This is a single frame of a timelapse I was experimenting with while out and the flashes you can see are the satellite flares and a couple of shooting stars that happen over around an hour of time at this location.


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