Ben, Floyd and the Core

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Winner of the 2019 Astronomy Photographer of the Year in the People & Space category.

Floyd and I stand atop a small hill, outlined against a breath-taking night sky adorned with stars. Mars, Saturn, Altaire, Vega, and Deneb accompany the majestic Galactic Core of our Milky Way Galaxy



My award-winning masterpiece from the 2019 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition captures a breathtaking celestial scene. In a single, awe-inspiring 10-second exposure, I am joined by my loyal canine companion, Floyd, under the star-studded night sky.

To the left, the fiery presence of Mars; to the right, the majestic Saturn graces the frame. On the far right, the Galactic Core of our Milky Way Galaxy emerges, marked by the ethereal gas cloud at its center, where the enigmatic Super Massive Black Hole, Sagittarius A*, resides, beckoning from its distant realm 26,000 light years away.

The heavens above reveal further celestial wonders: Libra and Scorpius flank the core, while the constellation of Sagittarius graces the scene above it. High above, the Summer Triangle formed by Altaire, Deneb, and Vega completes this celestial ballet.

This iconic image, a personal favorite of mine, has graced prestigious venues, including the National Maritime Museum Greenwich, and found its place in the pages of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year book. It has embarked on a captivating tour across the country as part of a renowned exhibition and has even been available for purchase at the Maritime Museum.

1 review for Ben, Floyd and the Core

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Louise byrne

    Cool shizzle matey. Thanks for picture. Much appreciation accross da nation.

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