Castlerigg Core


The Galactic Core above Castlerigg Stone Circle



‘Castlerigg Core’
Some really stunning things are happening in the night skies at this time of year in April. The nights are still long enough to get beautifully dark and there is barely any moon which means bright stars that are nice and crisp and the Core is clearly visible to the naked eye. The Galactic Core of the Milky Way can be seen until around the end of September. This is the gas cloud a the very heart of our galaxy where 26,000 light years away lies a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A*
Here on the picture you can see the constellations of Sagittarius on the left of the core and Scorpius on the right above the hills and valleys looking past Thirlmere to Grasemere and beyond. Hellvelyn silhouetted in the midground.
In the foreground the very special Castlerigg Stone Circle. Placed here 3-5,000 years ago its always a special place to go and spend some time at night and to capture it with the Core is very special
Single exposure


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