Iceland, the Land of Ice & Fire

Iceland is a truly beautiful place.  A land like no other I have visited and one that I find completely fascinating, beautiful and at times harsh and unforgiving.  A visit here is always a real experience and I’m back there later this year to continue exploring and trying to experience the best of Iceland.  I am also showing some groups around and chasing the aurora while trying to capture it on camera and also teach those with me how to capture it for themselves.  There will be 2 photographers this year.  Myself and another, Tom Kay, a long time friend and an amazing photographer/person.  This is to allow more individual time and also to help me with the driving as after my injury I’m unable to do quite so crazy drives as normal!

But this years trips are looking to be amazing.  Dates to follow soon but if you are interested in visiting Iceland for a photographic adventure please get in touch here


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