I was lucky to travel to Iceland at the beginning of 2020 and spend some time exploring the Southern ring road from West to East with a couple of long drives North West too chasing the aurora.  It was a great trip, one I met with sadness as I’d just lost my dog Loki, my dog of over 16 years and she was on my mind.  But also with optimism as 2020 was a year I was really looking forward to due to having some really exciting projects lined up over the coming months.  Sadly its not been the year we all wanted but I’m blessed and there has still been some amazing moments.  This trip to Iceland with my dad was one of them.  An amazing experience not only to spend it with my father but to get my mind blown by aurora, majestic snow covered mountain’s with enormous jutting rocks and cliffs with glaciers flowing between down to the sea, waterfalls, icebergs and so much more.   A trip that saw us driving for hours across snow covered lava fields on spiked tires, trying to get to location after location as I tried to work out where we needed to be to get the best of the weather and hopefully catch the aurora if it showed.

One real highlight of the trip was a night I spent at the Vestrahorn which is located in the far South East near the town, Hofn.  I’d seen the Vestrahorn on photographs and its amazing black sand beach and location and ever since dreamt of standing there one day myself.  Well I finally arrived and got very very lucky.  My first night there and I saw the finest display of aurora I’ve ever seen and one that saw my mind well and truly blown.  I then spent some time driving the Southern Ring road following the best weather conditions and aiming for the best locations with the most likely aurora.  I visited aircraft wrecks on lava plains and watched the lights dance across the sky as Orion rose and the Winter Milky Way traversed the skies.  I got to see massive waterfalls like Skogafoss with a whole sky full of stars and aurora some nights, another it was frozen lakes with Andromeda, the Winter Milky Way and the aurora reflected in the ice as the moon set and shooting stars streaked across the sky.  The images below and some others too can be found here

Iceland is a truly special place and one that I love to visit.  If you are interested in coming to visit Iceland to chase the aurora and see the sights then  more information can be found here