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Isle of Skye workshop

Workshop 1:   Sunday 16th February 2020 18.00 hrs – Friday 21st February 2020 18.00hrs

Workshop 2:   Sunday 23th February 2020 18.00 hrs – Friday 28st February 2020 18.00hrs

I love the Isle of Skye and usually visit at least a couple of times a year.  I find there is a wealth of amazing locations to visit day or night and so many opportunities to take different photographs.  From sunrises to sunsets, stunning landscapes, long exposure shots and night skies full of stars we will capture them all during this workshop.  I’ve grown to know the island intimately and have enjoyed it rain or shine most months of the year so know that even though it may be chilly this time of the year, it will be beautiful and offer unique and stunning locations to practice and learn photography.

Recently I won Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019-People and Space with the National Maritime Museum.  My work is published and on display in the Maritime Museum.  It was featured across the mainstream media worldwide and has helped me to follow my dream of offering tuition in various beautiful locations in this country and soon to be abroad.  This was all an amazing experience and I’d love you to come and learn some of the techniques that made this possible for me.

With this workshop I’m inviting you to travel to this amazing island and stay in a beautiful house in the heart of Skye right next to a beautiful beach and the stunning coastline.  Being in such a beautiful and central location we will then spend the 5 days completely immersed in photography.  During the workshop we will be capturing many different conditions and locations and be concentrating on learning camera techniques, composition, use of filters and long exposure filters (I have a full set provided by Lee Filters for everyone to use).  Also, we will be heading out in the night to capture the stunning landscape with a sky full of stars and if we’re lucky some beautiful Aurora.  I will also have kit such as extra lenses (Nikon) and star tracking mounts for you to have a go at long exposures of the night sky and try techniques such as exposure stacking and star trails.

Back at the accommodation is where we get to grips with post processing your images.  I will have a full editing suite where we can sit and explore the amazing world of Lightroom and Photoshop.  We will sit and discuss the images captured as a group and critique the work.  Also, you will have the opportunity to sit down with me 1 on 1 to discuss your images.  I will teach you the tricks and techniques to really extract the best from your images learned over years of me experimenting and discovering what is possible.  Also I’ll have a professional printer with me so at the end of the course we will print your favourite images and there I will frame one up for you to take home as a memento of this stunning place and as motivation to continue getting out and taking photographs.  Editing sessions will be a 1 on 1 session with myself where you will have my undivided attention and I‘ll happily answer and questions you may have about the process.

My goal is to be completely inclusive so if you have any special requirements or want to come with a friend/support then just get in touch and we will make it work as there should be nothing to stop you from coming to enjoy this beautiful place.

What’s included:

Accommodation: I have booked a lovely house to use as a base for the workshop.  Here there are 3 double rooms.  Two with two single beds and one with a double.  You will have a room to yourself unless you have a friend or partner who would like to attend, then they can also come and share your room with you for a reduced cost (see pricing).

Transport:  On the island I will have an estate car to drive the group around the island from location to location.  Also, if you are travelling up by bus or train then pickup from the nearest station can be arranged with me.  If you drive to the island, then there will be parking for 1 vehicle per room.  There will be plenty of opportunity for people to go to locations independently and meet back at the accommodation.

What’s not:

Food and drink are not included in the cost.  There is a full kitchen and cooking facilities at the accommodation and usually we all just chip in and cook and eat together, all taking their turn to cook or at least assist others.  There are many lovely places to eat and grab a pint on the island so on a couple of nights the likelihood would be we would eat out.

Transport to Skye:  You will have to make your own way to the Isle of Skye.  Its an easy drive and the views are spectacular so even just driving there is an amazing experience.  You will drive up the beautiful Loch Lomond and into Glencoe and the highlands then north to Skye.  Along the way there are countless opportunities to stop and capture the amazing views with your camera.  If you do not drive then I’m happy to come and collect you from the bus station or you can get a train to the Kyle of Lochalsh which is an easy train from Glasgow or Edinburgh and the station is just before the Skye bridge where I am happy to collect you from also.  When leaving I’m happy to drop you back at the station for you to make your return journey home too.

Personal/kit insurance:  To ensure that you have piece of mind as accidents do happen then you must arrange personal and kit insurance.  If the worst happens and you damage a camera, lose a jacket or twist your ankle then you need to be covered.  I hold public liability insurance for the workshop but this doesn’t cover you or your equipment, so I strongly recommend you get yourself covered.

Kit you must bring:

Dslr and lenses – This is a must for the workshop.  During the workshop you will be using your camera on manual and capturing the landscape so bring all the lenses you have as they will all come in handy during the course and I can show you how to get the most from them.  If you would like any advice on what us suitable then get in touch.  Also, I’m happy to provide links to suitable lenses for landscapes or stars should you want to treat yourself in preparation for the workshop.

Interval timer/Remote – A must have for night photography and long exposures.  These can be bought cheaply off Amazon and are a brilliant addition to your camera kit.  Contact for advice on what is best for your budget and your camera.

Tripod & Head – One of the most important things to have is a good solid tripod.  There needn’t cost the earth, but a good solid tripod and a decent head will last you for years.  I’m happy to send suggestions to fit your budget should you need to buy or upgrade

Camera Bag – A good camera bag is a must.  This will keep your equipment safe ad protected from the weather.  I use a Lowepro Pro Tactic 450 but am happy to send links and suggestions for ones to fit you and your budget.

Lee Adaptor Ring – This is an inexpensive item and will let you have use of my Lee Filter collection.  This consists of graduated ND filters, Polarisers and various long exposure filters.  I have several different adaptor rings so may have one to fit your camera so check with me first to make sure. Failing that they can be ordered easily off the internet and something you will use time and time again.

Warm Clothes – You must make sure you have sensible, warm and waterproof clothing and boots.  Skye can be a wild place, especially in the winter so to get the best from your trip you need to make sure you have the correct clothing to stay dry, warm and comfortable while out and about.  Thermals, warm socks, hats and gloves are also a must.  Being out in winter in the day and standing in one place taking photos can be cold enough but being out at night is far colder.  Handwarmers are a great idea too as they can be used in your pockets, gloves and shoes and to help keep your lenses from icing up.  If you want to purchase a dew heating band for your lenses (I use a £20 one off amazon) then I can happily provide links to these.

Everything Else – Please remember to bring memory cards, batteries and chargers.  Also if you want to bring laptops and hard drives then the more the merrier and also you will be able to backup your photographs and ensure you do not lose any.  If you do not have an portable hard drive or laptop then a USB memory stick is sensible as I can make sure your images are saved and safe and ready for you to take home and practice your post processing after an exciting 5 days immersed in photography on the beautiful Isle of Skye!


Per person – £1250 or if booked before December 15th £1050

Additional person sharing the same room £625 or if booked before December 15th £525

An early booking discount is available until December 15th, any booking after this time will be at the full cost.  Clients on this course will also receive a discount code for future workshops and courses at the end of the workshop.

On booking a 50% deposit is required, the rest payable 6 weeks before workshop start date.

Get in touch with any questions or to book