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Mary’s Shell


Mary’s Shell lies on the beach at Cleveleys near Blackpool.  A well photographed piece of art it makes a beautiful picture when a long exposure filter is used, and you get lucky with the tide and waves.

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This is a location I’d wanted to visit for some time.  Lying on the beach at Cleveleys near Blackpool I had seen many shots of this beautiful piece of art but had never made it down to take my own shot.  I had been visiting Anglesey for star photos and scouting locations and after a quick stop off at Lynn Padarn I decided to take a small detour and swing by the shell.  The tide and timing was perfect.  A windy day with large waves crashing in not only gave me lots of sticks for the dogs but perfect conditions to use my 6 stop long exposure filter, the Little Stopper, to capture a long exposure shot of the waves crashing in and around the shell.  A nice way to spend a couple of hours before home.


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