Kirkjufell Northern Lights


The Northern Lights Dance over Kirkjufell & Kirkjufellfoss

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The Northern Lights dance above the mountain of Kirkjufell as the water flows over Kirkjufellfoss and I try to avoid sliding down the ice to the river.  A stunning night chasing the aurora around the Snaefellness Peninsula.  This is a 12 shot panorama to try and capture as much of the aurora as I could before heading to another location.  A long night, one that saw me so tired I could hardly keep awake at times and so cold I thought my feet were going to freeze.  But, one I loved and I’d happily have nights and adventures like these every night if I could

I’m now able to offer these to be printed on acrylic as well as the normal framing options.  It really is an amazing way to show off the vibrant colours and the crisp detail of this aurora shot

All frames are handmade to order and each print is a beautiful gallery quality print.   I support local by only using local companies to produce the beautiful mounts, prints and frames

All 75x50cm framed prints are limited to 250

All 150×100 XXL prints are limited to 50

See the drop down menu for sizes and prices

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150x100cm, 45x30cm, 56x38cm, 75x50cm


Acrylic, Mounted, Print Only, Raw Oak, Black Painted


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