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Castlerigg January Snow


A multi shot panorama of the magnificent stone circle near Keswick late one January night.  Our sister Galaxy Andromeda above Blencathra



I took this shot as a multi shot panorama that allowed me to get close to the stones and open up the circle.  The beautiful mountain of Blencathra lies in the background with our sister Galaxy Andromeda to the left.  Andromeda lies 2.537 million light years away and contains a trillion stars.  In 3.5 billion years it will collide with our Milky Way Galaxy and form another type of galaxy, not that we’ll have to worry.  January snow covered all the hills and I like to think that if there was no lights from the Blencathra Centre or walls, this would be the same view they would have seen 3000-5000 years ago when the stones were erected.  A beautiful place to spend some time and one I return to time and time again.


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