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Andromeda over Wastwater


The stunning reservoir of Wastwater late one night.  Our sister Galaxy Andromeda, a passing car and a sky full of stars

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Andromeda over Wastwater
Andromeda over Wastwater

A place I love to visit, Wasdale lies in the South Western Lake District.  Here you can see the beautiful reservoir early hours of the morning as a car drives out along the shore from Wasdale Head.  In the sky lies our sister Galaxy Andromeda, 2.537 million light years away.  Our closest Galactic neighbour, Andromeda contains a trillion stars and in a mere 3.4 billion years will collide with our galaxy to create another type of Galaxy.  In the background you can see the mountains of Yewbarrow, Kirk Fell, Great Gable, the Scafell’s and the Screes from left to right.  A beautiful, calm and sometimes eerie valley and one I love to spend time in with the dogs, walking the shore and looking up to the skies.


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