Award winning Astro/landscape photography based in Cockermouth Cumbria.

Aira Starscape


Ullswater 4.20am one star filled November night. The Aira Force jetty, looking to Glenridding, Patterdale and Helvellyn

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One of the first ever night shots I took that I loved and spurred me onto becoming a professional landscape photographer.  I had spent the night exploring the lakes looking for somewhere to go to capture some stars and the weather conditions were perfect on Ullswater.  Being late November and past 4am the night was cold, about -5 but this gave a beautiful frosting of ice on the Aira Force Jetty and snow on the tops of the mountains around.  In the sky high above the summit of Helvellyn, the constellation of Orion shined brightly.  In the distance the lights of Glenridding and the Inn on the Lake helped to light the far distance.  A shot, although taken with a borrowed camera and kit I had thrown together still stands up and looks amazing framed and on a wall.  The first image I ever had printed as a large format canvass too and currently hangs in my studio as a reminder of past nights and to motivate future adventures


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